Current conditions Salt Lake City

Date and time:2017-02-27 - 03:54
Visibility:0 miles
Wind:N - 12 mph
Air pressure:29.62 inch

Observed weather conditions for Salt Lake City

hourWeather Temp.Air pressureWind
03:14CloudyCloudy39°F29.65 inchSW - 11 mph
02:54CloudyCloudy40°F29.56 inchS - 19 mph
01:54Mostly CloudyMostly Cloudy40°F29.56 inchS - 22 mph
00:54CloudyCloudy40°F29.56 inchS - 19 mph
23:54Mostly CloudyMostly Cloudy40°F29.59 inchS - 19 mph
22:54Mostly CloudyMostly Cloudy40°F29.59 inchS - 19 mph
21:54Mostly CloudyMostly Cloudy37°F29.65 inchSE - 8 mph
20:54Mostly CloudyMostly Cloudy38°F29.68 inchS - 11 mph
19:54Mostly CloudyMostly Cloudy36°F29.71 inchESE - 4 mph
18:54Mostly CloudyMostly Cloudy38°F29.74 inchS - 9 mph
17:54CloudyCloudy39°F29.74 inchS - 12 mph

Current weather map United States

Current conditions United States

City WeatherTemp.Hour
PhiladelphiaMostly CloudyMostly Cloudy34°F05:54
MiamiPartly CloudyPartly Cloudy76°F20:53
Salt Lake CityCloudyCloudy34°F03:54
MinneapolisMostly ClearMostly Clear23°F04:53
AustinMist and FogMist and Fog66°F05:44